Product Review – Himalaya Protein Hair Cream

IMG_20171111_121225_879Hey hey hey you all πŸ˜€ Back with another review like I promised (told ya I am going to post more often now :p)

Time to talk about another Himalaya Product which has blown my mind away ❀
It’s the Protein Hair Cream for frizzy hair. This is the coolest product I have used so far. My hair has been frizzy for a long time now and trust me when I say I have tried everything but this worked wonders . Been using this for almost a month now, I dint see results the first two times I used but after that the results were visible. My hair feels soft shiny and manageable. It’s become straight too. I could never keep my hair open before but now I can and I do. It’s a complete game changer.
Directions – the directions say you’re supposed to apply it 20 mins before washing your hair but I keep it overnight on my scalp and then wash my hair with Himalaya Protein Shampoo and Conditioner. You will be amazed with the results πŸ’™
About the Cream – It’s far away from those greasy creams that make your scalp oily. It is so so so light and smells heavenly btw. Frizzy hair is the result of lack of nutrition and moisture. This cream provides exactly what’s missing to your hair and voila! Say hello to soft mangeable hair. ❀ And all of this at Rs.100/-

Things to remember – Don’t use it when you have oiled your hair. Make sure you use this followed by Shampoo and Conditioner from the same range. Use it thrice a week or more. Whatever suits you. It doesn’t have any chemicals, hence no side effects. The jar will easily last you for 2 months.
May you have a good weekend and frizz free hair πŸ’‹Β And I will be back with another product review πŸ”œ ☺

Oh, you can buy this product from http://www.flip

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