In Collaboration with Me! Bath India

Heyloouu all ! I just got back from a holiday with my family. Had a fun weekend full of food and travel and here I am back with another collab and this time this brand has taken a place in my heart forever ❤ No kidding ! And for the record this by far has been my most fruitful collab of all and hence any efforts I put in are worth it.

The brand is – Me! Bath 👄 Why such an unconventional name ? Me ! Bath as a brand believes that everyone needs Me time amongst the chaotic life we led. And from now on for me, Me time will always be with products from Me! Bath. I recently had an opportunity to experience the manicure & pedicure service at Armeida Salon with Me! Bath products and Oh My God! I died and left for heaven. It was such an incredible experience that left me convinced as to how important it is to spend some Me time.


I arrived at Armeida Salon for my appointment and from then on what I experienced was true hospitality 😍 The staff was extremely warm and welcoming taking care of my comfort at every step. We started with Pedicure from a gorgeous Me! Bath kit That kit OMG, I am not even exaggerating.. it had the cutest packaging ever 😍 True to its name ice cream manicure and pedicure kit ☺ The products smelled heavenly and everything strawberry good enough to eat 😅 The service was then followed by Lavender Manicure 💅 and I am short of words to describe how relaxed it made me feel. The cute candles added to the whole experience. My hands never looked prettier before 😄 The best & the most crucial part for me to support these products is they are cruelty free and parable free and 100 % organic which makes this experience even more special ❤ These Made in USA products are a true delight to use ☺


I had the best Me time for 3 hrs and much-needed pampering for my hands and feet. Also I think I know what I a go in to gift my mom for her bday ☺ A session of Mani – Pedi with Me! Bath at Armeida Salon, Ahmedabad 😁







To know more about their products vis it http://www.mebath Also for appointments you can go to their Facebook page and get yourself a Me! Bath service 💟


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