Damsel Loving

Hellloouu 👋 I hope you all are doing fantastic and happy since the monsoons are here. Phew! My week was just the usual, planning photo shoots, blog posts, new content and the works. And as promised here I am with another brand new post.

You all remember how I always say that I like minimal accessorizing and to be honest it’s very difficult to find an accessory which looks minimal but also has a fair presence. So after my search of what seems like an eternity I found something that is just right for my taste. So, jewelry subscription boxes have taken over the Internet and they are a rage. So I made up my mind to give it a try. I ordered mine from Damsel Code. Damsel Code is an online space for buying affordable yet fashionable in trend jewelry. I was bowled over when I saw their collection ❤ They have some refreshing pieces I swear. So anyway I signed up for my subscription box and what I received was so so satisfying 😍😍


This necklace is so pretty that I can’t even 😄 I was so excited to style it. It perfectly matched my taste since I like minimal accessorizing. So chic yet unconventional 😌 I styled it with my Pink stripped Jacket from Zara which I wore over a black inner and a high waist jeans from Kraus. I wanted to go with a casual look so I paired it up with sneakers but you can also pair it up with formal heels. And look how amazing the necklace looks 😍 it just sorts your day out at work or an evening party. It’s great for both. I am so relieved because now I am not going to run out of accessories every month because I know Damsel Code subscription box will save me 😉 Check their website, I promise you will love it. Click here Damsel code


Hope you all liked the styling. Stay tuned for more because my subscription box still has some accesories left 😀 Until then have a great week ahead 🙌 Taadaa ! Oh, more pictures are below. Bye 👋






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