DIY – Renew old Tshirt

Hellloooooouuuu ☺ Hope you all are doing great! I am super pumped up today because it’s my first DIY post on the blog. For those who follow me on instagram know how I am a DIY obsessed person. If things were in my control I would use everything DIY 😂 but since it’s not practical I dropped the idea 😋 So moving on today’s DIY is actually a very simple one.

I am positive that we all have such tshirts lying around in our closet which hardly see light of the day, this post if for such tshirts.


Things you need – Scissors and scale (I couldn’t find one so I did it free hand)

All you have to do is spread your tshirt and mark how deep you want the V cut to be. Draw the outline using a marker and cut the V. Also I let the round neck collar be since I used it as a choker. You can get rid of that as well if you’re not comfortable ☺

I styled it with a stressed jeans and some smokey eye and red lips to complete the look.


This is life saviour for those who want to update their closet and are on a money crunch. You can spice up so many of your tshirts like this create a new outfit all together.

Here are some more pictures of the outfit ☺







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