Gardner Street Tea – Review

Hello People !! Its been a while since I wrote a blog post, For those who follow me on my social media will know I have been travelling since a month now and I will admit that it has been so so refreshing. But I am back now, Lucky for you guys 😉 More blog posts!! Haha.

Starting with my recent collaboration with Gardner Street. The experience has been so wonderful and worthwhile. Gardner Street is a brand started by Rashi Sanghvi, who discovered a whole different world of tea during her travels in Boston and spice market of Turkey. She recognized the potential flavored tea in India had where Tea was only a drink with milk and sugar people sipped to start their day. So she came up with a brand GARDNER STREET which promotes new different flavorful ways tea can be sipped breaking the monotonous tea culture in India. They combined fruits, flowers, herbs and high quality tea leaves to create an alluring beverage which is healthy and can be sipped at more than just breakfast.

Here are my reasons why you should drink tea and if you can relate to even one of them, then you should start sipping tea right away 🙂

  1. Helps with weight loss
  2. Boosts the immune system
  3. Fights Cancer
  4. Clears the skin
  5. Reduces signs f Aging
  6. Less Caffeine

Now why TEA from Gardner Street ?

I have been lucky enough to have tasted infused teas before but it just dint motivate me enough to include tea into my daily routine. I honestly don’t know the reason behind it, it may be quality, brewing style, taste, flavor…could be many reasons. But with Gardner Street it just fell into place. Right from the taste to the aroma I couldn’t find a single reason why not to include their teas in my routine.

Firstly, they use whole tea leaves that are full of nutrients. Regular teabags, on the other hand, are filled with tea dust that is leftover after leaves are picked for export. 

Secondly, their teas are flavored with real ingredients like rose petals and lemongrass pieces ensuring the purity. There is no use of artificial colors or flavors so what you get is whole tea leaves and real natural herbs, flowers and fruits.

Thirdly, Unlike regular paper teabags, their tea comes in silken sachets in unique pyramid shape. The material does not contain any bleach and hence the sachets do not release any unwanted chemicals into your tea. I will get into the whole big deal behind silken sachets in a while! 

I tried 3 teas out of their signature and wellness collection – Glow Tea, Detox Tea, Chinese Whisper Tea.

  1. Glow Tea – Goodness of Hibiscus and Marigold clubbed together to give you a fruity flowery flavour and aroma. This is my personal favorite tea amongst the 3 I tasted. The best part is it doesn’t taste like usual green teas which can’t be had without adding honey or any kind of sweetener. I didn’t feel the need to add any sweetener because it tasted amazing. I usually have it twice day. I will be giving the brewing instructions towards the end because it’s kind of common for all the teas. It clears the skin, helps in weight management (since I am on diet most of the time it really helped me) , improves hair health.


2. Detox Tea – This is tea has been a savior for a month that I was travelling. Travelling is good for your soul I agree, but what it also does is changes your body system and that takes a toll on your digestion and related problems. I always face issues while travelling because not every time we have access to healthy food. All I did was sipped on it after every meal. I swear I dint fall sick even once. It aids digestion, reduces bloating, increases metabolic rate. I ate my heart out on my trips thanks to Detox tea 🙂


3. Chinese Whisper Tea – Like I said on my Instagram post, if you’re wondering how Chinese maintain their beauty you should probably make it a habit to sip this tea post every meal. Subtly sweet and highly fragrant blend of real jasmine flowers with green tea ensures to speeden up your metabolism and have you feeling light and energetic in no time. Great to expedite weight loss and burn that fat you’ve been trying to lose.


Brewing Instructions – Bring water to boil and keep aside for 2-3 minutes. This will let water come to 85 degrees. Take a silken sachet, immerse in water and let it brew for 2 – 3 min and you have a perfect cuppa 🙂 Also, did you know you can keep it for cooling and add some sweetener to enjoy a cup of ice tea too ? I haven’t tried it yet but I will today !

Now let me explain you what is it about Silken sachets anyway ? 

Rather than using the commercially available bleached paper; these pyramid-shaped ones use high quality, heat stable nylon, giving you a more organic taste that’s safe as well. Better still, instead of using tea dust (low-grade broken tea leaves), they are filled with loose tea leaves, giving you the best of both worlds.

Thanks to its shape, silken teabags have extra space that allows the leaves to unfurl fully, giving you a richer brew. Also, the mesh fabric allows the water to pass through easily. This ensures that the leaves brew properly. And because the only taste being infused in your water is that of the tea and the herbs blended with it, you can actually enjoy the flavor.

P.S. I find them extremely luxurious looking and niche 😉 Check out the pictures and you’ll know what I am talking about.

I am so thankful to Gardner Street for opening up new horizons to flavorful and healthy teas in India and giving me a chance to be a part of this beautiful brand. I feel so delighted to have a job where I get to learn so much from working with one of a kind brands like Gardener Street 🙂 I am providing you all with the link below to check out their tea collection and order it for yourself and turn into a tea person just like how i have 😉

Until then this is me signing off. Have a great weekend y’all ! xoxo.


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