Be Your Own Label – Featuring Medha Shrivastav

Hello to y’all ! I hope you all had a good week πŸ™‚ I know this post has been pending for a long time now so I decided to finally give it a green flag and publish it. For those of you who are visiting the blog for the first time let me walk you through it – So Swain & Svetlana runs a competition where I feature people who take a little extra effort to look fashionably in trend. Now a while back I had run the Be Your Own Label contest where I had asked people to submit pictures on my social media with their best outfit and the best one would be featured. So here I am.

Out of all the outfits I believed this looked the most effortless. We often crib about certain things in our personality. What we don’t realize is to embrace what we have been given by nature and accept and love your true self. We are all different with different body sizes, features, style sense, personality, etc. And every body type has its own advantages. So if you feel you are too thin or skinny or long legs make you awkward I think this outfit is bound to give you an inspiration.


The reason why I find it effortless is because it is something you can wear in like 5 mins and head out of the house with no hassle. A simple TeeΒ with a cute quote and some denim shorts (decide on a length you are comfortable with). Pair it up with cool sneakers (decide the color of your choice) and you’re done. Seriously that’s all πŸ™‚ Always remember wear something that you’re comfortable with and don’t always fall for the trend. You can always make something new out of a trend πŸ˜›


Concluding this first entry of the contest for now, but wait this is not it ; you all can get featured too, You know the drill, upload a picture on your social media with your best outfit, tag swainsvetlana with #BeYourOwnLabel. Also it’s mandatory to follow me on Facebook and Instagram both. So go and upload your best picture and leave me no choice but to feature you πŸ™‚

I will be waiting πŸ˜‰ Until then signing off. Tadaa πŸ™‚






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