What’s your story ;

Hi y’all ! I know you just visited the blog yesterday to read the review and here I am asking you to read something again. Well, what can I do?! You signed up for this 😛 but trust me you will thank me if you make it till the end of this.

So I collaborated with this online space called Wordfumble which is one of a kind online setup that promotes mental wellness with the help of freedom to express your thoughts. Confused ? Ok, so we all know how tough life gets at times and when the going gets tough you ought to get tougher 🙂 Wordfumble is one such brand which focuses on accessories that help you acknowledge your present day struggles and appreciate life around you. How ? By their meaningful inspiring quotes which are personally made for each accessory. Getting interesting is it ?


I got so intrigued when I heard about Wordfumble that I ordered one of their necklaces – semi colon necklace ❤ This necklace symbolises the fact that struggles, hardships, difficulties, battles have come and passed but you still stood strong and tall overcoming everything. Semi colon originally is referred as a symbol of strength for those battling with depression, mental illness, suicide and self harm. It’s the symbol that stands for your strength. Getting a little heavy now are we? I know but isn’t this a beautiful way to acknowledge your true self ? It’s like you’re wearing an accessory which is a constant reminder of the meaning of your life. Your existence.


If you all have seen my posts most of the time I don’t accessorize too much. I always keep it minimal. This semi colon necklace is a perfectly delicate piece of jewelry that goes with my taste. It looks so elegant, graceful yet screams so much meaning. I styled it with a baby pink top and jeans with no make up look. We all understand the reason behind meaningful tattoos, quotes, posters but Wordfumble is now giving meaningful accessorizing to embrace your true side.

So I related my story to semi colon necklace which means I am yet to finish my story. I have survived and I am striving towards completing the purpose. What’s your story ? Which accessory screams the meaning of your life ? Go take a look at http://www.wordfumble.com and discover your story 🙂 Express yourself 🙂





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