Product Review – After Glow Face Cleanser

Hi y’all ! So if you guys read my last post I had mentioned that I will be sharing a lot of interesting things with you all here (not that I wasn’t sharing interesting things before :P) but the level has just risen πŸ˜€

So the interesting part is I collaborated with this upcoming stunning online store brand for handmade and organic products called Qtrove. How often do we come across a market space which saves our energy, the energy that needs to be put while browsing thousands of product before you get to a buying decision. But this happens in every other e-commerce website right? This is where Qtrove comes to the rescue πŸ™‚ Save that energy for something else because this market place has specially crafted the list of best handmade, organic products for you to choose from. Isn’t that awesome ?


I was sent this After Glow Face Cleanser by Sand for Soapaholics. I have used the product more than 4 times now and I have to tell you after the 3rd use my face looked so radiant. It was as if my skin was gleaming. I had renovation going in my house and I don’t have to mention the kind of dirt and dust that comes along with it. I used this cleanser and it just felt like it sucked away all the dirt immediately. I am calling it my Skin Savior ever since that day because it really is.


Product DetailsΒ – The product is a loving amalgamation of local lentils (masoor), Almonds, Jojoba Oil and Honey. Each of these ingredients work their magic on your skin making it look refreshing and delightful. Jojoba Oil helps works on the dullness giving your skin a lovely natural shine. The ingredients have a great effect on tanned skin as well.Apart from this it contains Kaolin, turmeric, vegetable glycerin, Aloe vera Leaf and some essential oils.

Skin Type – All. (My skin is oily and it got along well with my skin)

Usage – I used it twice a day. You can use it once also.

Directions – Just take a pinch of it and massage it on your face and neck. Wash it off with warm water.

Things I loved about the product

  • It has quite a strong refreshing aroma which has a very revitalizing effect on you.
  • It causes no itching when applied.
  • It has a very cool effect on your skin (literally cool) It makes your face feel exactly how your mouth feels when you have mint πŸ˜› ( I am serious)
  • Cruelty free ( I refer to it as guilty free ).
  • Pure. Made with love.
  • So go give your face what it deserves. Glow it. Make it shine.

Here’s the link where you can buy the product –Β ORΒΒ also in case you are following me on Instagram too you get 15% discount on using the code BLOGKS15 on orders above Rs.500 online payment. (only for Indian residents)

With that I conclude the review and give this product a big thumbs up. Go try it out yourself and share your reviews with me. I will be back again with more product reviews from Qtrove. Until then Goodbye from me πŸ™‚



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