Unveil The Gypsy In You

Hi there! Hope you guys are having an amazing sweaty week πŸ˜› (Summers to be thanked) I have been thinking for a very long time to blog about a completely offbeat outfit but I wasn’t having any concrete ideas until about a couple of days back when I was browsing through my old pictures. I decided to reinvent an outfit I had and make it look absolutely contrasting from most of my previous blog posts.

Ever since I started understanding fashion there’s one particular kind of fashion styling that has always fascinated me – Hippie inspired fashion. There’s something enchanting about the patterns and the jewelry which makes up for the charmingly unconventional charisma in the personality of most Gypsies. The fashion is more about being closer to comfort with a dash of illusion and mirage.


So I thought of bringing the enthralling fashion to my blog and created this outfit. Now, as fancy as it sounded I honestly didn’t have to do a lot of work on styling since the outfit was ready in my mind. The red Palazzo has a bandhni print pattern very common in Indian ethnic fashion. These palazzo’s were from a local market close to my house, they are my best friend when it comes to travelling. I styled it with a black inner from Globus and a plain white shirt from Westside. I kept the shirt unbuttoned to embrace the spirit of hippie fashion which is unconfined and free from civilized world’s thoughts and beliefs.

And I don’t think I have ever worn so much of jewelry on one outfit. I went all out with oxidized pieces that I had picked p from a flea market in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They truly ethicinised the outfit and worked best in giving pure gypsy vibes. And those boots have lately gone on top my favourite shoes list. Rustic and classy at the same time πŸ™‚


I really hope you guys liked this look since this so far remains the most special outfit I have ever styled. Do click on like and comment if you guys enjoyed reading the post. Until next time, this is me signing off. Tadaa!!!


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