Crepe Cotton – My best friend

Hi you amazing people ! Ok, I know I might sound like one of those weather narrating journalist here, but I am really confused right now 😕 is the winter biding us goodbye or is the summer telling us hello ? Or is the winter in its last lap and summer is starting with its first lap 🙈 Point being I am extremely confused with the weather. Sometimes it gets a little chilly other times it gets so freakishly hot. And amongst this confusion I found out my Go-to fabric material – Crepe Cotton!


I happened to buy crepe cotton kurtis a while back but I dint really get a chance show them off 😜 So I decided to give it a try and that I think was the best decision I ever made. I usually prefer wearing loose clothes because they compliment my body type and they are amazingly comfortable.

This Kurti proved itself so convenient and feminine that I am in love with them. I have more of these in dark blue and orange as well. The length is prefect to either team it up with a jeans or black leggings. I preferred jeans. I am not much of an accessories person but I tried this time with bold pieces. It was worth a shot 😅 The neck piece has neutral colors which compliments the overall outfit and the hippie bracelet gives the outfit a little boho feel.For shoes I went with my favourite glitter ballet flats. Usual eye make up and red lips and I was good to go. It is such a hassle free convenient look. It literally took me 10 mins to put everything together. I had no idea crepe cotton was such a comfortable material but I know it now and if you made it to the end of the post then you know it too so go ahead give it try and comment below if you have ever tried this material 🙂 This is me signing off for now. Tadaa✌Screenshot_2017-03-16-15-52-31_editedScreenshot_2017-03-16-15-52-40_editedScreenshot_2017-03-16-15-53-05_edited


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