Product Review – Khadi Spa Kit

In today’s world of adulterated and diluted products it is a treat to find something 100 % natural and herbal. I am so glad to share a review of Khadi products which are not only made of pure natural ingredients but are also cruelty free. I have always been in support of animal cruelty free products ever since I got to know the plight they go through.

Khadi products have become quite a sensation off late due to their chemical and artificial preservatives free nature. The best part – They are handmade. Imagine using an exclusively handmade product with pure goodness of nature. How special does that make you feel? Khadi products are in true sense the essence of India.

We are all victims of busy working schedules these days. I had been so occupied with my work that taking out time on weekends also seemed like an impossible business. All I could dream of was a relaxing spa day which could free all my tensions.

That’s when I ordered the spa kit from which came with:

  • Herbal massage oil (jasmine)
  • Aromatic bubble bath with jasmine & lavender
  • Aloe Vera soap
  • Pure Jasmine soap
  • Chandan Haldi soap


My Experience

I tried the herbal massage oil first. It has an amazingly relaxing jasmine aroma which automatically works on your senses and relaxes your body. Although the bottle mentions that you need to massage for 10 min I prolonged it for half an hour or so. The oil is non-sticky and so light yet has a very smooth shine when you apply it. You can use the oil for entire body. I only used it on my legs and hands since those were my tension prone areas. The best part is I love the oil so much that I use it instead of a moisturizer almost every day after I take bath because it has a very thin non-sticky consistency and leaves a lingering smell on your body.

After I found myself relaxed with the massage I headed for a shower and that’s when I used Bubble bath (Jasmine & Lavender). All I did was poured few drops of it in the water and mixed. For soaps I decided to go with Aloe Vera soap bar first.

Conclusion & Recommendation

My experience with both soap and bubble bath was incredible. The soap worked like magic and removed the oil effectively leaving a refreshing aroma and the bubble bath really did wonders making my skin look a lot more radiant. I have been doing this routine over the past 1 week and my skin is no more dry and itchy. I usually do this after I come back from work because that’s when I have the time but you can do this anytime. This Spa Kit really is a life savior. There are other spa collections as well that you can choose from. So go ahead people, get your own spa at home.

I hope this review helps you all in some way or the other. Please like if you found the post helpful or comment below.


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