Ethnic Affair

On a Thursday afternoon as I sit back and dig into some chocolate chip cookies and a cup of coffee I found myself introspecting about my blog. Fashion blogging is an extremely crowded space these days, it takes a great amount of work to produce refreshing content for every post on the blog. We often get lost in the rat race following our competitors and the whole reason behind what’s so special about your blog escapes from your memory. This is exactly what I got reminded of. I had told myself that this blog will have an essence of who I am as a person.

I am a regular looking girl who likes to be fashionably correct each time I step out of the house. I write for people who are not perfect but are yet comfortable in their own skin. I am not perfect looking like most of the bloggers, neither do I have a toned body or a professional team to manage my blog. What I do have is an instinct which tells me that your confidence to carry what you wear always does the work of making you look stylish. Point being that this blog is for ordinary people like you and me and the only thing perfect we have in us is the confidence. Be it for men who have lean body or women who are too curvy, I aim to run this blog for such people and that’s exactly what makes S&S different from other blogs. Having said all of that I will now get to the actual post πŸ™‚

My love for ethnic attires is endless although I have always been someone who finds casual western clothing more convenient. Time and again I have been told that ethnic attires suits me the most so I decided to include a traditional angle to the blog after all your curves always need some appreciation and we all know the magic of Indian ethnic wear.

This dress I am wearing was designed by my friend. It’s a long kurta dress which can be worn without leggings or chudidaar. The fall of the dress compliments any body type which one of the major reasons I loved this outfit. The oxidised jewellery compliments the dress like a dream.I kept the accessorizing minimal with a head-piece and few bangles.


We did have a bit of fitting issues since the shoot was unplanned but the final output was a delight to see. Best part about this dress is you can pair it up with ballet flats, heels or thin stripped sandals, it looks equally good. Here are some more pictures of the look.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading the post. If you did do like and comment. Let me know what you guys think πŸ™‚

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