Hi March !

Summer’s making its way to us and I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the perfect time to get Swain & Svetlana back in to action. Last year work has kept me so busy that my passion for writing about fashion had to take a back seat. There were matters that had to go on top of my priority list but you know what they say, when the time is right you’ll know it is. Since now I have absolutely no pending baggage in my head I am all set to get this blog rolling again.

I had prepared for this post about 7 months back but unfortunately I couldn’t get myself enough time to publish it. I know summer as a season doesn’t have quiet much of a fan base except for the fact that you get to eat fruits like Mangoes, you get to be a beach bum, and wear those carefree, breathable clothes. I am all about breezy outfits every summer 😉


I am very biased towards white during summer’s, I know this time of the year it’s about bright-colored outfits but I just like to keep it as light as possible. I believe wearing bright accessories can compensate that part. So here I am wearing a white off shoulder top which has a very chic Croatia pattern on the neckline. I teamed it up with a dark blue high waist jeans and accessorize it with a red statement neck piece. For shoes I went for gold glittery ballet flats as they prove to be a great style statement and are super-duper comfortable. The whole outfit has an elegant and delicate feel to it which makes it one of the finest summer outfits.


I hope you guys like the look as much as I did. Below are few more pictures of the final look



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