Featuring Pratik – Be Your Own Label

Hi folks !

I agree my last post was dominated by women completely πŸ˜› So as promised this post will talk about men fashion and only and only men fashion. This post is actually very special since I am starting with something that I have been thinking about since a really long time. On a cozy Sunday evening I was just chilling with Β a cup of tea when I asked myself this question that How do I make my blog more approachable and relatable to the common audience and that’s when my brain made that noise (Ting!!) Β When I had begun writing the blog my aim was to write about fashion that every body could relate to and I have done my best(at least tried) to do so. My aspiration was to only play a small part in improving the fashion choices of anybody who visits Swain & Svetlana. The idea was, why not feature those people on the blog and appreciate the fashion choices they have made. So I am starting Β a new segment on the blog called as Be Your Own Label (which also my blog’s tagline)

In this segment I will feature people who are always on point when it comes to their fashion game. People who actually take those 10 mins extra while getting ready but never dress down , be it any occasion. A little appreciation from Swain & Svetlana for being your own label.

The first person to get featured on our new segment is Pratik Bhagat. A Swain & Svetlana follower. I had asked a lot of people to send in their pictures for this segment. Out of all I found Pratik’s style extremely uncomplicated. He believes in keeping it simple yet suave and that’s why we are appreciating his choice of fashion.


For this look he’s wearing a light sky blue color formal shirt with navy color trousers , a simple brown belt and a watch to go with it. He’s paired up this look with black formal shoes and oh man those killer shades I tell you πŸ˜‰ and look how neat his hair looks.(I wish I could get my wild tresses to behave like that) πŸ˜› but neva mind…


Yeah, showing those arms off can also be an option if you have a little bit of doley – sholey πŸ˜›




The second look is with this narrow polka dot dark blue tie which is complimenting the shirt really well. A good tie knot explains a lot about a person and I must say I can never ever manage to tie such a perfect knot even after practicing it for 5 years. So Pratik , Hats off for that !!

So that was Pratik’s fashion choice which Swain & Svetlana appreciated on Be Your Own Label segment. And like I have said before being stylish is never enough, at the end it all boils down to how well you carry yourself and how confident are you in your skin and Pratik for sure doesn’t need a reminder on this. πŸ™‚

On that note I conclude this post. What do you guys think about this new segment? You can comment below and tell us your feedback. And also If you wish to get featured and get some appreciation for your fashion choices you can send us your pictures on Facebook or Instagram. (Please make sure the picture quality is good)

Facebook – Swain & Svetlana

Instagram – swainsvetlana

Thank You for visiting! Au Revior πŸ™‚

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