Simple is the new sexy !

Hello you lovely people!

We all have clothes which we don’t wear any more. I have this entire section of my closet which is full of old clothes that I stopped wearing not because they got out of fashion or stopped fitting but just because I grew out of them. It happens a lot with me when I suddenly stop wearing a particular top,jacket or jeans.

The other day I was getting ready to go to work and like every girl does I was standing in front of my closet wondering what to wear and that I need to buy new clothes; that’s when I found this black waist coat, that I used to wear while I was in college. And the next minute I was finding myself a top to go with it.

Today’s post involves 2 looks with 2 completely contrasting colors. Since women’s day is around the corner I am dedicating this post to all those beautiful Svetlana’s out there. I hope you have a good time reading the post.

I also got a chance to click some pictures while I was at work when my boss was away. 😛

For Svetlana

Look – 1





The details: The first image has my recent favorite nude color ballet flats. I am not really a huge fan of uncomfortable heels 😛 so on my usual days at work I always prefer flats and flat heels. I absolutely love the ballet flats since they go with almost every outfit. Make sure you clean them time to time since it gets a little dusty.

The second image has my another favorite wedges. These heels are so artistic that the minute I saw them I fell in love with them. The intricate pattern is so urban yet so traditional and guess what they look adorable with jeans as well as with a chudidaar 🙂 How cool no?!



Okay, so all that I have done here is I have paired this waist coat that I used to wear during my college with a light pink top, dark blue jeans and nude color ballet flats. I am really not into too much of accessorizing that’s why I prefer bold colored bags like the one in the picture. It has shades of maroon, brown and dark brown. This look can be adapted if you’re going for a movie , a date , a dinner , at work ; basically anywhere since it’s simple and stylish. Oh, and btw don’t forget to wing that eye liner and wear a really bold lip color (red, maroon, brown, etc) and slight make up and you sure will make a few heads turn 😉 Hair can be left loose or tied up in a high ponytail or whatever is comfortable.







Look – 2



Going bolder in this look boy! I paired up a green color tank top with a dark blue jeans and let’s not forget those silver beauties that I feel so proud to own. Yes, I am talking about the silver shoes that I am wearing. The first time I saw them online I just HAD to order them 😀 By now I guess it’s pretty understood how much I love wearing red color lipsticks so yeah I am wearing the same bold scarlet red lipstick along with a thick eye liner. Let those tresses loose and I am sure you won’t be able to count those compliments.

With this I conclude today’s post. Boys please don’t get disheartened because the next post will be elaborately dedicated to you guys so cheer up! And in the mean while you could probably gift the important women in your life some really cool gifts for women’s day. So take care everyone. Au Revoir !



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