Ditch The Boring Formals

Hello all you guys !

It’s been so long since I have blogged that I feel I have almost forgotten how to write. But I am rectifying that mistake by starting with my first blog entry of 2016. I cannot apologize enough for not posting. I have been so caught up with my work lately and all the other things going around my life that I have hardly had the time to concentrate on the blog but you know what they say you will always find time for something that you love, so here I am with Swain & Svetlana’s first post of 2016.

Since I have been going crazy with my work I thought I would write something related to that. Our office is an extremely significant part of our lives and therefore it’s important to dress well everyday at work. But isn’t it boring to wear those same formals everyday ? I couldn’t agree more. So that’s why I always believe in spiking up my formals some way or the other. I hope all you guys relate to this and give these outfits a try.

Look – 1

For Swain


The first look is a semi formal look for men. A crisp shirt with checks pattern(dark color) paired with khaki pants will help achieve that formal look and team it up with smart canvas shoes (black color) or formal shoes and brown plain belt. This look helps achieve style with so much ease.

Look – 2



This look consists of plain shirts instead of patterned ones. Pair up a white colored shirt with navy blue trousers/jeans and add brown belt and shoes to the look. On the other hand yo u can try a grey colored shirt with military green formal pants along with black/brown belt and shoes. The most important part about wearings formals is the fitting, So make sure your shirts and trousers have that amazing fitting for them to compliment you an make you stand out.

Look – 3


This look can be called a semi formal look since I wouldn’t advice you to go for a tie. Just take a light blue shirt or any other light colored shirt and pair it up with khaki pants. If you wish you can add an edge to this look by wearing a navy blue formal jacket/blazer. Complete the look with brown plain belt and light colored shoes and a statement watch.

Look – 4


Coming down to the last look. This is a little gentlemen look. Remember the first look with checked shirt and pants? W ell, all you gotta do is put on a grey blazer/jacket to complete the look. Dark blue will also compliment this look a lot. You can also try wearing a light grey color belt. On the other hand pair up a light colored shirt with skinny dark blue tie and navy blue trousers and top it up with a beige color blazer/jacket. Don’t to put on brown color shoes and belt. And like I always say formal clothes with the right fitting will always make you stand out of the crowd.


For Svetlana

Look – 1


This is a very simple office look where all you have to do is pair up your trousers with patterned tops like shown in the images. Could be a v-neck loose abstract patterned top or a floral top. Pair it up with black, golden, silver ballet flats and some minimal accessories like a delicate bracelet or a watch. Don’t forget to carry a bag which is plain and not gawdy and your’e good to go.

Look – 2


This look is among one of my favorites. Isn’t it boring to just wear that same black ,brown, grey colored pants? It is. So I thought why not come up with new formal colors! Wear a blue color lose shirt with tan colored corduroy jeans and pair it up with animal print shoes and dark beige colored bag and you I am sure you will some heads turn at our workplace.

Look – 3


This look can sported by you in case you have a really important presentation that you need to present or an important meeting with that niche client. This look signifies class and is uber chic. Just pair up a lacy one piece with a formal jacket.Make sure the color is contrasting. Pair it up with smart heels ,a black bag and a statement and your’e good to go and rock the conference room.

Look – 4


The last look for all you ladies is the ultra chic and classy outfit look. Starting from the first image all you have to do is take a formal collared shirt , top it up with a shrug and pair it up with really loose formal pants and jazzy shoes. Don’t forget to add that chunky statement neck piece to complete the look. The next image consists of a black blazer with white camisole inside , a light neck chain paired up with good fitted jeans. Don’t forget to wear heels to complete the look. Similarly the same look can also be achieved in a white blazer which screams classiness. You can try putting dark lipstick to compliment the look. And then the last one which is my favorite and a really simple one where all you gotta do is pair up a light blue colored shirt with a tan colored blazer/jacket and black jeans and animal print heels. To complete the look carry a brown colored leather bag.

With this I say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed reading the post as much I enjoyed writing it. Until next time. Au Revior ! 🙂


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