How to stay stylish in winters ?

Winter is actually my favourite time of the year. Many of us feel that winters don’t give you a chance to dress up as you have to cover yourself with over-sized jackets but I feel exactly the opposite it’s actually a very good time to dress up since you have to wear more clothes, and more clothes means more opportunities to make an outfit look great. It gives you a chance to experiment with mufflers, scarves etc..

In India different regions experience various degrees in winter. So keeping that in mind I could bring up these looks together.

For Swain

Look  – 1


This look is best for men who stay in a region where winters are decent and moderate. All you need to do is get a sweater and pair it up with your favourite jeans or trousers. (try to wear sweaters which are dark in colour) as it becomes easy to pair them up with anything. Wear a stripped formal shirt inside or a t-shirt (plain not patterned). Make sure you wear a good pair of canvas shoes.

You can sport this look on a Saturday when you’re going to work or on a casual outing with friends, to college or to a movie.

Look -2


This is an extremely laid back look , again very casual. Take a good fitting semi formal shirt (can be stripped, checks or plain). Pair it up with a winter jacket (preferably earthy tones) and  good fitting jeans along with smart sneakers.

Look -3


The only reason I like this look on men is because of it’s simplicity. Many men find their office attire really boring but boring can become a little interesting just by adding a few things here and there.

Wear a plain white colour shirt, and since it’s a formal attire make sure you select a tie which compliments the colour of the shirt (on white shirt I would suggest black or dark blue colour) pair it up with a low neck sweater (light colours preferably since you’re wearing a dark coloured tie). If you are somebody who isn’t fond of wearing a tie then you can skip wearing one and go for mufflers or scarves. They add a lot of character to your clothing.


Go for scarves made of really comfortable fabric. They are great to keep you warm as they don’t let the heat move out of your body when you team it up with jackets or sweaters. Always keep in mind that the colour of the scarf should be contrasting to the sweater or jacket that you wear. For eg : If you wear a printed sweater make sure your scarf is of plain colour or If you wear a grey colour sweater the scarf can be black (or darker shades of grey)

For Svetlana

Look -1



A lot of girls feel that the arrival of winters means bidding farewell to their short dresses but that’s not true.

Wearing your favourite skirts and dresses along with stockings and leggings is bliss (saying this out of experience). All you have to do is wear your dress (any length) pair it up with leggings or stockings. You can also drape a cute scarf to the look. And trust me i know how much we love flip flops but wearing ballet flats or covered shoes could be nice change to avoid frost bites.

You can also team up a high neck t-shirt with your skirt along with leggings or stockings whichever is comfortable to you. Make sure you colour coordinate it in such a way that it is contrasting. If your hi neck T shirt is plain in colour team it up with a skirt which is printed, chequered, stripped or any other pattern or vice versa. Don’t stick to black colour leggings or stockings, you can experiment with others colours as well like ox-blood, maroon, navy blue, grey etc..

Look -2


This look is personally my favourite look since I find it the most comfortable. All you have to do is wear a top (full or half sleeves) along with your best pair of jeans and a jacket to keep you warm. The colour of the jacket can be contrasting to the colour of the top and the jeans. Drape a comfortable scarf with it and you’re ready for an evening with friends, college, etc..

Look – 3


This look is also something that I follow personally when I go out. Take a full sleeved semi formal shirt (preferably chequered) and team it up with a good fitting sweater. You don’t have to completely button up the sweater. You can leave the first two buttons and button up the rest. Add a plain scarf to the look and you’re ready.

I hope this post was of some help to guide you through the winters and I hope you enjoyed reading through.

Happy Winters!


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