As I sit snuggled up in my bed on a cold December evening I realized it is so difficult to write your first blog post.  And an even difficult task is to make it sound interesting. So here’s to my first shot at writing on fashion.

My name is Kritika Lahri Shrivastav, the writer of the blog Swain & Svetlana. Since the name is pretty unusual to hear here’s the meaning behind it. Swain means a man & Svetlana is a Russian name for a girl.

Through this blog my aim would be to develop and enhance one’s fashion choices, be it a man or a woman. We all know the importance of being fashionably correct these days. I am not a fashion designer or a fashion student in any influential institute and neither am I an owner of any uptown fashion boutique. I am just a conventional working girl who is a fashion enthusiast. We all stay in a world which is superficial and we also get judged by people depending on what we wear. So why give them a chance to judge you!

I have always felt that just wearing something trendy is never enough, at the end it all boils down to how well do you carry yourself when you don that particular attire. Your choice of style defines you as a person. Right from the time when you walk-in for an interview, dressing up for your fresher’s party in college, your first date or be it dressing up for a wedding wouldn’t we love it if someone could just solve all our queries. Well, Swain & Svetlana aims to take care of it.





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